Download Lucky Patcher

Before we download the latest version of Lucky Patcher, let us learn what is Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is an Android App by Chelsus, which works as a tool to manipulate other apps. It provides you plenty of features which can be used to extend the capabilities of your Android Device/Apps.

Once installed Lucky Patcher will analyze all the apps on your device and let you know the various manipulations that you can perform on those apps.

Some of the many manipulations that you can achieve are :

  1. Possibility to remove License Verification from the apps.
  2. Modify the associated permissions required by individual apps.
  3. Extract APK files of apps and perform a backup.
  4. Ability to remove Ads.
  5. Unlocking Paid apps so that you can install them on other devices.

As you can see few of the above features are quite useful and others are illegal. We do not support the illegal ones at all, so you should use Lucky Patcher according to your own conscience.

Prerequisites to use Lucky Patcher :

If you wish to use Lucky Patcher on your phone, you will need to root it first. If it is not rooted, we suggest you study about rooting and then decide if you want to root your phone or not.
As difficult it may sound, but it is not. There are several rooting tools that offer one-click rooting options for Android devices. “Towel Root” or “King Root” are some such tools.

Once you have a rooted phone, you can download Lucky Patcher from the below link.

Download Lucky Patcher :

Click here to download the latest version of Lucky Patcher.

Once you have downloaded Lucky Patcher, install it on your Android device. Thereafter when you run Lucky Patcher you will get a list of all the apps on your device as well as a color code on the title of that app. The colour indicates the compatibility of that app with Lucky Patcher. Here is the list of colors and what it means :

  • Green: App can be registered and disconnected from Google Play
  • Yellow: App has a specific patch available
  • Blue: App includes Google Ads
  • Purple: App is a system startup app.
  • Orange: App is a system app.
  • Red: App cannot be modified.

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