Lucky Patcher Android Just Click And update Thu, 16 Nov 2017 06:09:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 WhatsApp File Update New Thu, 16 Nov 2017 06:09:39 +0000 WHATSAPP is still down across the UK and other parts of the world including Europe and Brazil with millions left unable to access popular messaging service. WhatsApp has confirmed the issues but there’s currently no word on when things will get back to normal

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WhatsApp has added a bunch of new features to its iOS and Android apps to keep the 1.3 billion (according to the July 2017 numbers from research firm Statista) strong user base pleased. The features will roll out on users’ smartphone through automatic OTA (over the air) updates. These features will be available in phases which means not everyone will receive them at the same time.

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WhatsApp will now let users remove messages sent by mistake to another group or person. So if you want to delete a message immediately after sending it, tapping on the delete button will show a new option “delete for everyone”. This will remove a message not just from your device but also from the device of the person who has received it. Once the message has been deleted the person who has received will no longer be able to see it, but will see another message saying, “This message has been deleted.” The only catch here is that the feature works only for seven minutes after a message is sent. The feature is similar to undo send mail feature in Gmail.

Location sharing

Sharing location on WhatsApp has become a lot easier. Now users don’t have to manually share their location again and again when they want to provide their location update to friends and family members in real time. The new “share live” location feature will keep on updating a shared location on map in real time, for a fixed duration or until users decide to stop it. To access this feature, open any chat, tap the attach icon > location, and select “share live location”. A similar feature is also available in Facebook Messenger app.

Picture in Picture support

Another new highlight in WhatsApp is that it can now take advantage of the Picture in Picture feature of Android 8.0 (Oreo). This means users who have updated to the new OS will be able to make WhatsApp chat or video call in a small window, while carrying out some other task on the rest of the screen. Users can also customise the size and drag and drop the picture in picture window anywhere on the screen.

Add colour filters


Android users can now apply filters on their photos. While the option to annotate a photo and add text was already available, the new feature provides users the option to jazz up their photos a bit more. To use this feature, open the camera in WhatsApp and take a picture or open a saved image from the camera roll and swipe up from the lower edge of the screen. As of now only five filters—cool, black & white, pop, chrome and film—are available to users. The feature was already available on iOS.

Download Lucky Patcher Thu, 16 Nov 2017 06:06:19 +0000 Before we download the latest version of Lucky Patcher, let us learn what is Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is an Android App by Chelsus, which works as a tool to manipulate other apps. It provides you plenty of features which can be used to extend the capabilities of your Android Device/Apps.

Once installed Lucky Patcher will analyze all the apps on your device and let you know the various manipulations that you can perform on those apps.

Some of the many manipulations that you can achieve are :

  1. Possibility to remove License Verification from the apps.
  2. Modify the associated permissions required by individual apps.
  3. Extract APK files of apps and perform a backup.
  4. Ability to remove Ads.
  5. Unlocking Paid apps so that you can install them on other devices.

As you can see few of the above features are quite useful and others are illegal. We do not support the illegal ones at all, so you should use Lucky Patcher according to your own conscience.

Prerequisites to use Lucky Patcher :

If you wish to use Lucky Patcher on your phone, you will need to root it first. If it is not rooted, we suggest you study about rooting and then decide if you want to root your phone or not.
As difficult it may sound, but it is not. There are several rooting tools that offer one-click rooting options for Android devices. “Towel Root” or “King Root” are some such tools.

Once you have a rooted phone, you can download Lucky Patcher from the below link.

Download Lucky Patcher :

Click here to download the latest version of Lucky Patcher.

Once you have downloaded Lucky Patcher, install it on your Android device. Thereafter when you run Lucky Patcher you will get a list of all the apps on your device as well as a color code on the title of that app. The colour indicates the compatibility of that app with Lucky Patcher. Here is the list of colors and what it means :

  • Green: App can be registered and disconnected from Google Play
  • Yellow: App has a specific patch available
  • Blue: App includes Google Ads
  • Purple: App is a system startup app.
  • Orange: App is a system app.
  • Red: App cannot be modified.

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